How Survey54 Is changing Data collection in West Africa

Understanding Africa’s economic, social, political, security and health dynamics has never been more important. Now that the optimism of ‘Africa Rising’ has been tempered by the fall in commodity prices, and the economic and regulatory shocks that followed, having access to the right data on Africa is crucial. Moreover, most African markets are highly dynamic and businesses that are not informed enough to be responsive find themselves instantly at a disadvantage. An analogous scenario plays out in high-risk health or security situations where changes can occur rapidly and with serious consequences. This is fuelling a strong demand for reliable, real-time data that is location specific, audience-specific and context-specific, and the rising use of mobile devices in Africa makes mobile data collection a ready means of addressing this demand.

Wider Broadband access means that rich, web-enabled mobile apps can be deployed for data collection. However, development costs are not insignificant and web-enabled apps have had mixed success in more developed parts of the world. Their merits aside, they are simply not the best tool for collecting reliable and representative data. Perhaps more important, web-enabled apps are not the most effective use of the technologies available today.

Simpler and more widely available tools can be exploited at considerably lesser cost. Furthermore, when paired with advanced technologies, they can be immensely powerful for data collection. SURVEY54 is expanding the possibilities for data collection in Africa by combining basic mobile phone functionalities with advanced technologies like Voice Sentiment Analysis and AI, to deliver affordable and advanced data collection with quick turnaround time.

Survey54 aims to Voice Surveys and Language Translation to bridge the data and access gaps that leave many of the continent’s peoples underserved. Armed with simple tools and high tech, low-literacy groups in remote areas

are easier to reach and profile in their own native languages. A private equity firm and a non-profit organization have already tested SURVEY54 services with impressive results. Indeed, there is growing recognition of how the quick and relatively low-cost data collection service we provide is changing data collection in Africa.